G.W. Crane has been working with bio-chemists in California to develop a line of the finest hair products. The selection of products we have customized consists of specialized shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. The ingredients are of the highest quality, with a fragrance that will leave your hair with a fresh clean aroma. The styling aids add shine and body, and the shampoos and conditioners add elasticity and manageability to your hair. Our products are exclusively distributed by G. W. Crane Hair Designs. We offer samples for all types of hair, and guarantee you will enjoy our complete line of products.

We also carry the Alterna, Sebastian, Wella, Moroccan and Paul Mitchell product lines.

GW Crane Products

Bioclear Shampoo
This specialized shampoo is essential for people with normal to oily hair. The components in this product gently cleanse the hair to provide it with a fresh feeling. This product contains natural botanical extracts to enhance the natural shine of your hair.

  • 1074 - 8 oz Bioclear Shampoo $14.00

Microplex Conditioner
This is an extensive first aid treatment for severely damaged hair. This product is a terrific boost for chemically treated hair that has been depleted of its natural oils. A microplex treatment will restore your hair's softness, gloss and body. It also contains sunscreen agents that protect hair from the sun's UV rays.

  • 1082 - 8 oz Microplex Conditioner $17.50

Mint Fortress Conditioner
This conditioner has a dual action treatment for scalp and hair. It contains natural peppermint oil to gently refresh and stimulate the scalp. Vitamins A, D and E supply essential nutrients for the hair. This conditioner is a rescue treatment that will leave the hair full, manageable and glossy.

  • 1085 - 8 oz Mint Fortress Conditioner $12.50

Lightweight Finishing Rinse
This conditioner is a lightweight rinse that smoothes the hair and detangles it. This product is weightless enough for everyday use. Overall, lightweight finishing rinse is a gentle conditioner to detangle and moisturize the hair.

  • 1087 - 8 oz Lightweight rinse $13.00

Biogel Mousse
This product is a unique, alcohol-free, non-aerosol styling aid that is designed to give the control of a gel and the conditioning of a mousse. Biogel mousse is enriched with natural botanical extracts of awapuhi, aloe vera, kiwi, mango and passion fruit to give the hair volume, body and natural shine. This product does not contain heavy oils to weigh the hair down.

  • 1094 - 7 oz Biogel mousse $17.00

Structura Gel
This gel contains two powerful setting agents that work together to achieve slicking, spiking, scrunching and wet looks. Structura gel includes water binding humectants and protein conditioners that ensure proper moisture for maximum resilience. This product also contains a special chelating agent that is used to remove trace metals and improve the performance in water. This product can be used for light hold by using a minimal amount of the gel and for a strong hold by using a larger quantity.

  • 1092 - 8 oz Structura Gel $13.00

Structura Holding Spray
This product is a hair spray perfect for any type of hair. It can be used on fine, heavy, curly, textured hair and everything in between. It is a fast drying product that provides a firm hold with a light spray and can provide extra hold when concentrated in a particular area. This product contains sunscreens, resists humidity, creates shine and is brushable.

  • 1091 - 2 oz Structura Spray $7.50
  • 1090 - 10 oz Structura Spray $17.95

Extreme Wax
This product is an extreme styling aid that includes many ingredients to guarantee a long lasting hold. The extreme styling aid includes a wax substance for hair separation and perfect hold, an iridescent mica for a brilliant shine and other waxy ingredients for maximum separation, texture and hold.

  • 1069 - 2 oz Extreme Wax $14.95
Extreme Wax

Fuel Slick Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Quench thirsty, ultra gentle sulfate-free shampoo. Powerful Strand Guard Complex preserves and protects salon color. A multitude of peptides and nutrients restore hair's youthful condition.

  • 2 oz Fuel Shampoo $4.50
  • 1077 - 8 oz Fuel Shampoo $19.00
  • 1074 - 32 oz Fuel Shampoo $42.00

Fuel Slick Conditioner
Quench thirsty, luxurious conditioner. Powerful Strand Guard Complex preserves and protects salon color. A multitude of deep penetrating peptides strengthen the hair shaft replenishing the appearance of youthful hair. Vitamins and minerals smooth and seal the cuticle to lock in shine.

  • 2 oz Fuel Conditioner $4.50
  • 1076 - 8 oz Fuel Conditioner $19.00
  • 1073 - 32 oz Fuel Conditioner $46.00

Fuel Slick Shine Spray
Advanced alcohol-free, non-oil formula gives you shine, shine, shine without adding weight. Protects by actually sealing the cuticle preventing moisture loss and color fading. Leaves a mirror-like shine. Antistatic properties eliminate frizz.

  • 1075 - 4 oz Fuel Shampoo $14.00

Titanium Glue
This product is superior to any other gel available. It is rock-hard for the maximum hold, and it does not generate flakes throughout the scalp and hair. Titanium glue is great for spiking to acquire a messy look, slicking to acquire a formal look or for use in creating many other types of styles.

  • 1093 - 3.4 oz Titanium Glue $12.50
Titanium Glue

Tri-Protein Conditioning Spray
This unequaled leave-in conditioner instantly detangles, reconditions and restores body and bounce. No need to rinse out. Proteins of different molecular weights penetrate deep within the hair shaft producing benefits like no singular protein can. The product is enriched with 19 amino acids and 14 vitamins essential to hair nutrition. Botanical extracts boost and stimulate limp hair. A special anti-static formula fights flyaway hair and the frizzies. The spray also contains broad spectrum sunscreen protection.

  • 1089 - 8 oz Tri-Protein Conditioning Spray $10.50

Hair Adhesive
The strongest hold available for any style imaginable. Provides extreme, long-lasting hold and strong control and texture. Can be used on damp or dry hair. Washes out easily.

  • 1099 - 4 oz Hair Adhesive $15.00

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